Stiglo Design

Stiglo is a global creative platform where award-winning artists (illustrators, designers, fine artists, photographers, writers…) join forces with emerging talents to create practical products infused with art, inside and out.

Making art functional and life artful
Stiglo’s aim is to rethink how we create and interact with art and bring the work of talented artists into our daily routines in a fun and functional way. Perhaps more than anything it’s a wish to create a platform where unrestricted creation meets our full creative potential.

We’re suffering from a global art deficiency. Our world is rich with incredibly talented people and disproportionately poor in places where art and day-to-day life intersect. Our urban landscapes are feeling increasingly homogenized and soulless. The art we do encounter is often heavily commercialized for the masses, cloistered in elite galleries or trapped (and often destroyed) on hidden streets and alleyways.

So what? Is art really a human necessity? Yes. Creation and expression is an integral part of a healthy, empowered, open minded life and society. For both the artist and art lover, art is therapeutic, starts conversations, changes perspectives and feeds the soul and intellect. Like good nutrition, we need it.

Art has the innate capacity to transcend loads of divisive human issues–politics, inequalities across race and gender. The stuff that keeps humans apart, art bypasses with ease (even language). That's why Stiglo’s key principles are collaboration and co-creation. When creating jointly we come together but also transcend the borders of our own imagination and style. When different artistic sensibilities converge, we are all rewarded with unexpected, original results.

Fun fact: One bag has nine different artists contributing to the canvas. This makes us happy.

Profit sharing
Like authors or musician, every contributing artist gets a share of the profits– like royalties. If one bag does really well, the artists who made it should feel the love.

All about the bags

Stiglo bags are made with thoughtful simplicity, durability, and succulent joy-infused art, inside and out. A contrasting mix of materials, Tyvek and fine Italian leather, is also what makes Stiglo unique. Both leather and Tyvek share a common quality - the more you wear them the better they look. Double layer of super sturdy Tyvek makes our bags waterproof, extremely light weight, and a ideal canvas for great collaborative art projects.

It’s nice to meet you!

Stiglo gathers a global creative community of award winning designers, photographers, writers, and producers– a unique team that keeps on growing. Some of us are experienced creators with recognized careers in art and design, while others are just starting out.

Stiglo bags coming soon to Shinebolt!