Angela Smith is a writer and big-picture thinker whose superpower is bringing stories to life and spreading joy. She specializes in brand facilitation, story mining, communications strategy, wholesale management/marketing, and gallery relations. Before co-founding Shinebolt in 2019, Angela worked for internationally celebrated artist Brian Andreas, overseeing wholesale for 100+ galleries. Over the past 25 years, Angela has gained national and regional marketing experience in the creative, business, and nonprofit sectors. She lives in Falmouth, Maine.

Jessica Esch is a writer and illustrator who uses art, craft, and good humor to spread ideas and build community. For more than 20 years, her concise yet profound words and clean images have expanded people’s hearts, minds, and way of being in the world. Her work has appeared in The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde, ARCADE, and Harvard Graduate of Education’s Ed Magazine. Prior to co-founding Shinebolt in 2019, she learned about her community from the ground up at United Way of Greater Portland. She lives in Portland, Maine.