Angela Smith is a writer and big-picture thinker whose superpower is bringing stories to life and spreading joy. She specializes in brand facilitation, story mining, communications strategy, wholesale management/marketing, and gallery relations. Before co-founding Shinebolt in 2019, Angela worked for internationally celebrated artist Brian Andreas, overseeing wholesale for 100+ galleries. Over the past 25 years, Angela has gained national and regional marketing experience in the creative, business, and nonprofit sectors. She lives in Falmouth, Maine.

Jessica Esch is a writer and illustrator who uses art, craft, and good humor to spread ideas and build community. For more than 20 years, her concise yet profound words and clean images have expanded people’s hearts, minds, and way of being in the world. Her work has appeared in The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde, ARCADE, and Harvard Graduate of Education’s Ed Magazine. Prior to co-founding Shinebolt in 2019, she learned about her community from the ground up at United Way of Greater Portland. She lives in Portland, Maine.



Anita Verna Crofts is on faculty at the Department of Communication at the University of Washington and the Maine Media Workshop + College. Her memoir published by Chin Music Press, Meet Me at the Bamboo Table, showcases a combination of prose, illustration, and photography. She serves as Artist in Residence in the UW Communication Leadership graduate program, where her courses emphasize topics such as personal narrative and leadership, audio storytelling, and listening as a leadership tool. Her MMW+C course is built around the relationship between personal objects and memoir.


Deb Mills-Scofield is passionate about helping companies and individuals see what’s possible and implement plans to achieve it. Her penchant for envisioning how things could be, running at the world of the possible, manifested in full force starting in college when she helped create Brown University’s Cognitive Science concentration and finished it in 3 years. At Bell Labs, she created one of AT&T’s highest-revenue generating patents. Deb’s articles in Harvard Business Review, her blog, and contributions to various business books aim to inspire people and companies to dream what they can achieve, giving them tools to make it happen. Deb fosters innovation and growth via her strategy and innovation consulting with mid- to large-sized privately held companies, her partnership in an early-stage VC firm, and with her student entrepreneurs. As a consultant and a mentor, Deb meets a vast range of people and disciplines, fueling her curiosity for serendipitous interdisciplinary approaches to problems and building unexpected connections.