Angela Smith and Jessica Esch started Shinebolt to make a brighter world by bringing people together, stories to life, and art and ideas to market.

The duo relished the idea of working together for years when an opportunity arose in February 2019. Angela was working with internationally celebrated artist Brian Andreas, running his wholesale program with 50+ shops across the country. Jess, an artist, was ready to play bigger on the creative stage. So when an opportunity arose to take over Brian's wholesale business completely, they jumped and Shinebolt evolved from there.

The intent from the beginning was to draw on their decades of experience in branding, storytelling, art, and wholesale to bring Jess' work to market and collaborate with an array of artists. Today, Shinebolt wholesales and retails four artist collections:

While these collections are new to Shinebolt, wholesale is not. Jess started wholesaling art in 1996, and Angela grew an affinity for it working with Brian Andreas. In terms of creating, Jess’s first company was shut down when she was in fifth grade because kids were spending their lunch money on her bookmarks instead of lunch. Their whole lives lead them to right now. 

In addition to partnering with artists, illustrators, and makers to get art into the world, Shinebolt offers clients in the creative space a suite of services from branding and storytelling to product marketing and gallery relations. 

Angela and Jess are soul-bent on creating meaningful relationships, elevating the arts, and spreading joy. Join them in making a brighter world!