Wholesale Approach

Shinebolt wholesales handmade goods, but is about so much more than products. We believe personal, thoughtful relationships paired with artfully curated products, artisans, and shop/galleries set the stage for successful wholesale.

In addition to delivering unique, masterful products, Shinebolt also offers wholesale partners:

  • Real relationships. We carefully select our shops/galleries based on good energy and a good fit. We love and get attached to our galleries. It’s personal for us.
  • Consistent communication. Shinebolt sends a monthly email newsletter, which shops/galleries tell us time and time again, they read and value. We also check in regularly to see how things are going and how we can help. And we’re always an email or call away.
  • Easy ordering. Galleries can order everything online at our wholesale site, shineboltstation.com. Or, if they prefer, email or call us with an order and we’ll handle it for them. We’re also happy to recommend custom orders based on marketplace trends, new work, bestsellers, shop/gallery location and personality, etc. This is a popular request.
  • Face-to-face visits. We make visiting Shinebolt galleries a priority, hitting up dozens around the country each year.
  • Social media exposure. We play up and engage with our shops/galleries on social media platforms. Our current focus is Instagram (@shineboltstation). We’re looking forward to other platforms in the new year.
  • Community. Shop/gallery owners and artists have expressed a genuine desire and willingness to share information beyond their zip code-protected turf. We help facilitate this by connecting shop/gallery owners/buyers and artists through newsletter stories, illustrations, web content, Shinebolt gatherings, etc.
  • Shinebolt endorsement. Shinebolt is earning a reputation as a company that partners with the kind of people, products, and places you want to know. In a nutshell, people, products, and places that make the world a brighter place.

Want to become a Shinebolt wholesale partner?

To bring Jessica Esch, kellymade, Scott Nash, or Illustration is Art to your shop, reach out to angela@shinebolt.com.