Rabbit! Rabbit! 2022 Calendar
Rabbit! Rabbit! 2022 Calendar

Rabbit! Rabbit! 2022 Calendar


$10 of every purchase goes to Illustration Institute!

2022 Wall Calendar illustrated by Scott Nash
(8.5x8.5 Opens to 8.5x17)

The story behind Rabbit! Rabbit!, as told by Scott Nash:

“Did you say, ‘rabbit, rabbit‘ this morning?” This was the question my teacher, mentor, friend, and business partner Tom Corey would ask me on the first day of each month. Inevitably, I‘d have forgotten, and he‘d remind me doing so would bring me good luck for the month.

Tom was a brilliant, beautiful man who left this world far too soon. In the many years since his passing, I‘ve said, “rabbit, rabbit” at the beginning of every month, now more than 288 times. It‘s not superstition or even an homage, but a remembrance of a gift from Tom.

As a narrative artist, I can‘t help but conjure the rabbits I invoke. I envision them in their own situations and stories. It‘s as simple as that and, I think, the best kind of good fortune.

Part of the Rabbit! Rabbit! Collection.