Shinebolt welcomes Kelly Barton as its newest artist.

Shinebolt welcomes Kelly Barton as its newest artist.

Shinebolt, a Maine-based business elevating artists and their work, is happy to announce that Indiana artist and designer Kelly Barton has joined its movement to make a brighter world. A creative force for good, Barton uses art and story to capture everyday life, make people think, and remind everyone they can make big changes in small ways.

Shinebolt co-founder Angela Smith met Barton at a 2012 story retreat on the coast of Oregon where Barton was a presenting artist. “Kelly’s colorful illustrations and whimsical yet wise words delighted me from the beginning,” said Smith. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Kelly and shine a light on her work.”

Shinebolt will retail and wholesale Barton’s collection, kellymade, which currently includes 11x14 prints featuring laurels, moths, cups, and planes. A culmination of decades in the arts, Barton’s collection steals hearts and mends them too. The collection is Shinebolt’s fourth, which also includes Jessica Esch, Scott Nash, and Illustration Institute. Explore the kellymade collection here

“Kelly and her artwork align perfectly with what we’re trying to accomplish at Shinebolt,“ said Smith. “Her colorful illustrations and seemingly simple stories invite people to dip below the surface and explore issues big and small.”

Shinebolt makes a brighter world by bringing people together, stories to life, and art to market. In addition to partnering with artists, illustrators, and makers to get their art deeper into the world, Shinebolt offers clients in the creative space a suite of services, including branding, storytelling, illustration, and gallery relations. Founders Angela Smith and Jessica Esch are soul-bent on creating meaningful relationships, elevating the arts, and spreading joy. To learn more, visit