Shinebolt and Illustration Institute launch new collection  to promote illustration as art and today’s best illustrators.

Shinebolt and Illustration Institute launch new collection to promote illustration as art and today’s best illustrators.

Portland, ME — Shinebolt and Illustration Institute, two organizations committed to making a brighter world through art and story, are working together to raise awareness of and appreciation for illustration. Their first foray is the Illustration Institute Collection, a unique print collection, for retail and wholesale.

The Illustration Institute Collection features the work of a diverse group of nationally acclaimed and beloved illustrators, all past participants of Illustration Institute’s artist residency program on Peaks Island, Maine. Illustrations are donated by the illustrators, curated by Illustration Institute, and marketed and produced by Shinebolt. Sales support Illustration Institute.

By offering affordable, yet beautifully produced prints online and in shops and galleries around the country, Shinebolt and Illustration Institute hope to put illustration at the fingertips of a wider audience in a more deliberate way.

“People often don’t realize how much illustration is a part of their culture, their life,” said illustrator and co-founder of Illustration Institute Scott Nash. “They think of children’s books, which is great, but illustration is more holistic, more global. It’s children’s books plus The New Yorker covers, editorial art, comics, collage, animation, even ceramics. It’s art with a narrative.”

Getting illustrations onto people’s walls is just the beginning. “We hope these prints lead to a deeper dive into the world of illustration,” said Nash. “It’d be great to see someone who purchases a print go on to explore its context or research the illustrator behind it.” 

In addition to promoting illustration in its many forms, Shinebolt and Illustration Institute look forward to shining a bright light on the illustrators themselves and their process. “What might appear to be a simple drawing comes from hours, frankly years, of work,” said Nash. “Mastery goes into every illustration.”

The Illustration Institute Collection is a dynamic, eclectic assortment of illustrators at the top of their game and hints at the breadth of illustration as art. Current artists include:

  • Barbara McClintock
  • Bijou Karman
  • Chris Raschka
  • Ellen Weinstein
  • Jenny Kroik
  • Juana Medina
  • Leela Corman
  • Liza Donnelly
  • Lizzy Rockwell
  • Loveis Wise
  • Mark Ulriksen
  • Melissa Sweet
  • Nancy Gibson-Nash
  • Neela Vaswani
  • Scott Nash